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All this new coexistence between new residential and office condos bring a new face and a new energy to Miami's center. New businesses and families are moving to this vibrant place to live.

Please see our availability list for all condos for sale and rent, or contact us for all details pertaining to our condo homeowner’s association fees and property taxes. We offer the features that create a perfect home and a number of different floor plans to choose from. Generally known in recent years as being the financial district, Downtown, with the construction of numerous condominium and apartment towers, has extended its feel from lower Downtown as the upscale residential neighborhood into upper Downtown. It offers apartments with 0, 1 and 2 bedrooms floor plans. Thank you for your interest in Centro in Miami. Centro is also proud to say that we adopted the latest concept of Sky-Lofts, offered in both one and two story apartments that give an open living feel to your luxurious Downtown Miami home. Centro offers apartments for sale or rent currently.


Centro condos

Recently, the residential and office condos are enjoying a new wave of coexistence and the Centro condominiums in Miami are known to offer exactly that. These condos come packed with some of the finest states of the art facilities and they come with varying floor plans as well. You have the option of choosing whatever seems to be best for you.

There are apartments with as many as 0, 1 and even 2 bedrooms as well. Located in the Downtown area, the prices of this property is likely to shoot high very soon mainly because of the kind of new joints that are opening up here. From being a financial hub, the area is expanding to become so much more. With too many skyscrapers, endless condos and even apartment towers, it is becoming the next best residential area to stay at.

They also have the best sky lofts in town and one can also find two-story apartments which have quite a luxurious feel to it. So, all those who cherish the upscale living standard, you should make it a point to explore the different possible options at Centro condominiums and then get yourself one.

We are sure that almost anyone who pays a visit to the condos is likely to be impressed. The kind of views which one can get from their own balcony is impressive, to say the least. There are a lot of eating joints located closely and endless shopping options too. Did we add the fact that the beach is a stone’s throw away which means that resident of the Centro condominiums will never have to worry about where and how to party.

The amenities are top notch and the services are definitely a class apart. Even when seen from an investment point of view; one has to be impressed by what the condos have to offer.


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